About YNLC

With guidance from our Elders, Yukon First Nation Leadership and our Citizens, YNLC will strive to adhere to and achieve the strategic objectives and actions of the YNLC 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.

Our Elders

Elders from the Yukon and neighbouring areas have contributed in many ways to the work of the Yukon Native Language Centre. For example, they provide information which aids in language documentation, they make recordings from which teaching materials are developed, and they offer guidance in training sessions.

Our Vision

Babies are learning their traditional language as their first language in the home and intergenerational transmission is restored.

Our Values

  • Language must live in the home, with families and throughout the community
  • Language is connected to cultural vitality, land, identity, health and success in life
  • Language learning is lifelong, holistic and across all sectors of society

Our Mandate

YNLC supports YFNs with language revitalization by providing training, capacity building, technical expertise, advocacy and being a central repository for all to access and use.

Our Principles

  • YNLC will respect the self-governing rights and respective language initiatives of YFNs
  • YNLC programs and services will be based on YFN priorities for language revitalization
  • YNLC will be community driven and YFN controlled
  • YNLC will advocate for YFN languages