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Encouragement Phrases Poster

Tagish Poster
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Alphabet Chart

Tagish Alphabet Chart

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Interactive Storybook with Audio

Kų’ Eyû. At Home – Lucy Wren

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Interactive Language Lesson with Audio

Lucy Wren – Tagish Language

Lucy Wren – Tagish Language

Recorded by Lucy Wren

© 2005-2007 Lucy Wren and Yukon Native Language Centre
Original Art by Susan McCallum

Tagish Downloadable Learner Resources

About These Resources

This page provides links to digital copies of language lessons, literacy session booklets, and story books that have been prepared over the past thirty years by the Yukon Native Language Centre and Tagish Elders and community members. The work of all contributors to these materials is gratefully acknowledged here.

Recognizing the importance for Yukon First Nations governments, Elders, advocates, learners, and teachers of Tagish to have access to language resources, the Council of Yukon First Nations‘ Yukon Native Language Centre and Yukon Education‘s First Nations Programs and Partnerships Unit have worked together to provide the language materials below with assistance from Christopher Cox. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License Creative Commons License.

It is hoped that they will provide additional support for all those interested in studying, learning, and teaching the Kaska language. To order printed copies of any of these resources from YNLC, please consult the current catalogue of publications.

Tagish Language Lessons with Audio

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Tagish Language Lessons.
Wren, Lucy and Yukon Native Language Centre. 1994.
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Tagish Story Books

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Khandey Kah Ładèhzhā. The Moose Hunt.
Wren, Lucy and Yukon Native Language Centre. 1997. 

Łūge Chʼehgan. Drying Fish.
Wren, Lucy and Yukon Native Language Centre. 2001. 

Publications by Mrs. Angela Sidney

Audio companion for Haa Shagóon (Our Family History) by Mrs. Angela Sidney

Listen to the voice of Mrs. Angela Sidney reading the Names from Haa Shagóon (Our Family History) by Mrs. Angela Sidney. This is a digitized cassette recording, there are two files – one for side a and one for side b of the cassette.

Download the audio .zip folder so you can listen as you read the book. (Note this is a large file – 89MB)

This book is available for purchase from YNLC. Use the Order Form to order this book.
Haa Shagóon (Our Family History) Angela Sidney. 1983. Compiled by Julie Cruikshank. Whitehorse: Yukon Native Language Centre. ISBN 1-896382-52-5. $50 An extensive description of the genealogies and clan affiliations of Mrs. Sidneyʼs extended family. Includes genealogical charts, tables, and index. 85 pages.

Place names of the Tagish Region, Southern Yukon

Compiled by Mrs. Angela Sidney for the Yukon Native Languages Project. 1980.

Tagish Tlaagú

Tagish Stories
by Mrs. Angela Sidney

Recorded by Julie Cruikshank with drawings by Susan McCallum.

Tagish Literacy Workshop

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  1. Tagish Literacy Workshop. Workshop held at the Tagish Water Centre, Tagish, Yukon, August 10–14, 1991. Tagish Literacy Workshop. 1994. Tagish, YT: n.p.

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Other Learning Resources

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