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Indigenous Languages Proficiency Program (INLP)

The Yukon Native Language Centre and Council of Yukon First Nations, in partnership with Simon Fraser University, offer language proficiency courses that can be put towards a Certificate & Diploma in Indigenous Languages Proficiency. The program can be taken full-time (three courses per term) or part-time; courses can be taken for university credits, or students can simply attend and participate. All courses are based out of the Yukon Native Native Language Centre at Yukon University; however, courses may be delivered at the community level in partnership with Yukon First Nation Governments. Arrangements can be developed with the Yukon Native Language Centre and Yukon First Nation Governments for those who wish to offer this programming to their citizens

The Indigenous Languages Proficiency Program aims to contribute to the revival, revitalization, and maintenance of Yukon First Nation languages and directly support students in becoming fluent speakers who can pass the language on to future generations. The objectives of the program are:

  • Increase proficiency and fluency from complete beginner to intermediate levels in one’s language
  • Promote and support a deeper understanding of and connection to one’s culture and heritage through the language.
  • Provide participants with an opportunity to begin or continue post-secondary education and receive an accredited certificate.

Certificate in Indigenous Language Proficiency (CINLP)

The Certificate in Indigenous Languages Proficiency consists of 9 courses.

6 CORE courses:

  • INLG 130 Practical Phonetics for Indigenous Languages
  • INLG 133 Yukon First Nations Language Learning: (Level 1)
  • INLG 134 Yukon First Nations Language Learning: (Level 2)
  • INLG 200 Introduction to Grammar in an Indigenous Language
  • INLG 233 Yukon First Nations Language Learning: (Level 3)
  • INLG 234 Yukon First Nations Language Learning: (Level 4)

3 elective courses:

  • INLG 335 Special Topics I
  • INLG 435 Special Topics II


Course Offerings

YNLC Course Schedule 2023/2024

Fall 2023

INLG 130 (Practical Phonetics), INGL 133 (Language Learning Level 1), INLG 335 (Langauge Revitalization)

Winter 2024

INLG 134 (Language Learning Level 2), INLG 200 (Introduction to Grammar), INLG 335 (Language Learning and Technology)

Summer 2024 

INLG 233 (Language Learning Level 3), INLG 234 (Language Learning Level 4), INLG 335 (Langauge Teaching Methods)

*Each course requires an in-class commitment of 40-50 hours and can be taken for three university credits.

For more information, please contact YNLC:

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Mailing Address: Box 2799 | Whitehorse, Yukon YT | Y1A 5K4
Phone: 867-668-8820
Fax: 867-668-8825

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