Registration Open – Indigenous Language Proficiency Program

Registration is now open for the Certificate in Indigenous Language Proficiency in partnership between the Yukon Native Language Centre, Yukon First Nations and Simon Fraser University. Registration closes July 21, 2023.

Follow the link for the registration form and more information: Register here.

Testimonies from previous students:

“For the last two years, I have been learning Dene k’éh (Kaska), one of my First Nations languages. Embarking on my language journey has been an emotionally charged experience as initially, I felt intimidated and ashamed by everything I didn’t know. Gratefully though, I can share that through time and dedication, the intimidation and shame has dissipated and instead evolved into long-distance friendships with my teachers and classmates. My Deke k’éh classes are the highlights of my week and our online classroom is a positive space of support where we share stories, laughter and sometimes tears. I’m forever grateful for the people who make language reclamation work possible.” – Kaska Learner

“I love how the beginning classes are about listening to the language.  I felt no pressure learning this way. The games were fun and interactive making if fun. The instructors were fantastic and amazing.” – Southern Tutchone Learner

“I recommend YNLC classes to everyone! I always look forward to going to the centre because the classes are so fun and welcoming. The YNLC teachers and staff are kind, encouraging, and passionate about their work. I am a non-First Nations student and I’m so grateful that I was able to take these classes. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility to support First Nations languages, and these classes gave me practical skills like being able to introduce myself at meetings, but also a deeper appreciation of the connections between language, land, values, and culture.” – Southern Tutchone Learner