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YNLC is not a translation bureau and does not receive funding to provide this service, but it acknowledges the importance of translations and can assist with respectful translation needs.


YNLC may refer requests to other agencies, organizations, First Nations or translation consultants. Requests for translations from First Nations or those that directly impact First Nation language learning will be given priority.


The cost for translation services is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is dependent upon the complexity and length of the translation, dialect differences, lack of speaker availability within the target language, and linguistic understanding between translation consultants.


* Please refer to YNLC’s Guide for Effective Translation Requests before completing this request form.


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Permission for translation must be provided by requestor, when applicable, as required within the Copyright law of Canada.

Requestor’s final product must acknowledge YNLC and translation consultants as appropriate.

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