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Percy Henry Percy Henry is a member of the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation in Dawson City, Yukon. He is a fluent speaker of both the Hän and Gwich'in languages. He was born on the Ogilvie River (Gwazhàl Njik) and grew up in the Blackstone River region as well as in the Dawson-Moosehide area. His parents were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Henry of Dawson.

Percy has worked on behalf of the Dawson native people in many capacities over the years, serving at one time as Chief of the Dawson Indian Band, and assisting in the early land claim negotiations and other self-government initiatives. He has also been employed by the Yukon Territorial Government (Highways Branch), and he currently serves as an Advisor to the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation.

Percy has actively supported the development of teaching and learning materials for the Hän language. He contributes to the on-going Hän literacy workshops held in both Dawson and Whitehorse. His efforts to enhance and support the traditional language of the Klondike have been recognized by the Tr'ondëk Hwëch'in First Nation, the YTG's Aboriginal Language Services, and the Council for Yukon First Nations.

Publications with YNLC

  • Hän Language Lessons. Moosehide Dialect . First posted 2005. Conversational language lessons, with audio.
  • Tằ'ò Wëdëk. At Home. Recorded 2005. First posted 2005. Online story book from the At Home series, with audio.
  • Tằ'ò Tằnằhal. Camping. Recorded 2005. First posted 2005. Online story book from the Camping series, with audio.