Long ago the people of Kluane Lake used to live much of the year at Män Shìè’aya ‘where the lake branches off’. This is located where Silver Creek runs into Kluane Lake, and includes the area where Silver City and the abandoned settlement of Kluane are found. There was much fishing activity at Män Shìè’aya and the Chilkat Tlingit used to come here to trade. The horse freight trail went as far as Silver City from where it was barged. During the 1903-1904 Kluane gold rush, the area became crowded and the Southern Tutchone people moved either across the lake to what is now Burwash Landing, or to the east to Kloo Lake and Bear Creek, and later eventually to Haines Junction.

Jack Allen, his brothers and their families used to hunt and trap in this area many years ago. This was before people moved to Haines Junction. A fox and mink farm was once operating here. Native people still live today at Silver Creek. The Kluane base camp of the Arctic Institute of North America is also located at Silver Creek.