Greetings – Gwich’in

List of commonly requested greetings.


Old Crow      Noozrìʼ dàvàazhìi ? What is your name?
Shoozrìʼ _________ vàazhìi My name is ______________.

Arctic Red River    Nuuzrìʼ dàazhii? What is your name?
Shhoozrìʼ ________ vàazhii. My name is ______________.

How are you?      Neenjit dàgòonchʼuu?

We are happy to see (all of) you.      Nakhwanyàa’in  geenjit  shòh  ìidìlii.

Thank you Màhsi’  choo

We are our language      Diiginjìk trʼiinlìi

See you again/tomorrow       Nìhkàa natanełʼyaa

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