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Loretta Jensen

Loretta Jensen

Linguist email

Loretta Jensen was born in the Yukon and spent her formative years in both Carcross and Whitehorse.  Since childhood, she has been surrounded by and fascinated with multilingualism, growing up in a household where German, Cree, Ukrainian, French and English were commonly spoken. 

Having completed studies in German and Scandinavian languages, and in Translation Studies, Loretta began her academic career teaching at Yukon College.  Out of a growing interest in the way in which people acquire language, she earned a Masters of Arts in Applied Linguistics.

Loretta’s research areas have straddled such topics as: bilingual language acquisition; pragmatics; cognitive semantics; and child language disorders.  She has currently directed her attention to language revitalization; language description and documentation; and language rights and policy.

In conjunction with these interests, Loretta is concerned with participatory action research and in ensuring there is a clear relevance and collaborative practical application for the community with regard to the linguistic research. Thus, an ancillary curiosity of Loretta’s includes the relationship between information technology, sustaining linguistic diversity and aboriginal language preservation.  At the YNLC, Loretta contributes to and participates in various activities ongoing at the Centre.