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Josephine Holloway

Josephine Holloway

Administrative Assistantemail

Josephine Holloway is of Tlingit and Scottish descent. Her native name is Ànyamdu.ù (Aanyamdu.oo). She is named after her great grandmother, Florence Hammond. Josephine's grandmother, Sophie Hammond, married Reid Good and lived at Little Atlin and Tagish where they ran a fox farm. Dorothy Good, Josephine's mother, married Joseph Billy from the Marsh Lake area. Josephine was born after they moved to Whitehorse.

Josephine belongs to the Raven moiety and is a member of the Dèshìtàn (Deisheetaan) clan (split tail beaver). She has lived in the Yukon most of her life but spent three years in the NWT. For fifteen years she worked for the Council of Yukon First Nations in three capacities: on the Elder's Documentation Project, as a receptionist, and as an accounting clerk. Josephine began as part-time receptionist at YNLC and became full time administrative assistant in December 1999.

Josephine coordinates travel arrangements for YNLC staff and Native Language Instructors; maintains files and reports; maintains contact with school staff regarding Instructor attendance at training sessions; and serves as liaison between the YNLC and CYFN Finance Department.