Suggested Names

Please consult our page, Names and Songs are Private Property, which explains why the Yukon Native Language Centre does not pass on actual First Nations names.

The words below are from Yukon First Nations languages. They are not the names of people. They are words or phrases which the centre is often asked to provide for use in the naming of a non-native child or pet. Use of these words as names does not reflect traditional First Nations practice. But as the use does promote awareness of the languages and the cultures it may be regarded as a positive thing.

  Southern Tutchone Gwich'in Tlingit
Snowflake Yäwdân Zhohchùu  
She/He is brave Uyinjí Nàtsät Yeenjit Jiintl'oh  
Spot Späda Shùh  
The Watchful One K’anéta Khà’oodaa’in  
The Helpful One Ts’änànji Gwits’at tr’iinjii  
The Quiet One Tsèn nli Vizhik Kwaa  
She/He is fast Dädzat Han Nahdaghal  
My Friend Älaya Shijàa  
Little Star Thèna San' Tsal  
Wolf Ägay Zhòh Ghùch
Dog Tli Laii Kètl
Coyote Tlilet "useless dog" Zhòh Tsal Kayûdi
Charcoal, Black Jänàch’är Dhazraih T’úch’
Little Lynx/Cat Not permissible. Niinjii Tsal