Training and Presentation Schedules

The Yukon Native Language Centre puts on around twenty training sessions and presentations every year. Planning takes place regularly and schedules are frequently revised as needed. If you are interested in teacher training, literacy workshops or other events, please confirm dates directly with centre staff.

In a typical year, the Centre will offer two Certificate and Diploma sessions in the year. There is usually at least one literacy session for each of the eight Yukon languages. Please see the session logs below for examples of the scheduling of training and presentations for past years.

Session Logs from Recent Years
2010 January - December
2011 January - June
2011 July - December
2012 January - June
2012 July - December
2013 January - June
2013 July - December
2014 January - June
2014 July - December
2015 January - June
2015 July - December
2016 January - June