YNLC Flashcard Illustrations and Other Templates

Use and Copyright

We hope these Illustrations and Word templates will help you produce your own teaching materials in your own language and dialect.

These electronic versions are copyright of the Yukon Native Language Centre and the Council of Yukon First Nations. They are to be used for making native language teaching materials only. Where practical, please acknowledge YNLC copyright on your materials.

The original illustrations were drawn by a large number of different artists over many years.


Download the complete set of ALL files for the YNLC Flashcard Illustrations (colour and black and white), Word Templates and Kwidläw Cards in .zip format (456 MB)

Instructions: Click on the link and the.zip folder will be downloaded to your computer. Go to your Downloads folder and Right click on the folder 'ynlc_teaching_materials.zip' and select 'Extract all'. Choose a location on your computer to save the folder and then click on 'Extract'. Open the new unzipped folder and browse the folders for all the illustrations and templates.

You can also download each set of files individually by clicking on the links below:

Download Word Document Templates

The Word documents are:

  • game cards, example and blank template (9 pictures, 2 ¼ inches)
  • listening exercise picture sheet, example and blank template 
  • test 5 picture blank text, example and blank template 
  • test 5 picture your text, example and blank template
  • test 10 picture blank text, example and blank template 
  • test 10 picture your text, example and blank template
  • test 12 picture, example and blank template 
  • lesson plan - 20 minute, example and blank template 
  • lesson plan - 40 minute, example and blank template 
Download Kwidläw

All the cards needed to play Kwidläw are provided, and the blank templates for you to make your own if you wish. You will need to make your own sentences in your own language and dialect to go with the calling cards.
Documents are:

  • Instructions for Kwidläw
  • Kwidläw calling cards blank (for you to make your own, if wanted)
  • Kwidläw calling cards pics (ready to use)
  • Kwidläw pages blank (for you to make your own, if wanted)
  • Kwidläw pages pics (20 pages, ready to use)
  • Kwidläw sentences English (simple example sentences to go with the calling cards)

To Use the Word Documents:

  • Download the .zip folder containing all the files onto your computer
  • open Word
  • open the document from the folder on your computer (file / open / teaching_materials / YNLC_Word_document_templates /)
  • file / save as another name on your computer
  • put in the pictures you want (click inside the square, then insert / picture / from file / teaching_resources / YNLC Illustrations / the image you want / insert)
  • adjust the image size if necessary by clicking on the picture and pulling on the corner - all images are 1.5 inches across
  • type your text, if wanted, or hand-write it after printing
  • save
  • print
Download Flashcard Illustrations - Colour

The electronic images are available in full colour as small jpegs or large full page jpegs.

Download Flashcard Illustrations - Black and White

The electronic images are all 1.5 inch grayscale jpegs. They should be simple to open and import into Word or other documents. They can be used to make listening exercises, tests, cards for language games, etc.

The image names are listed on pages 3-24, and then the printed images are shown in the same order.

You will find that there are occasional duplications. For example, the image pulling sled, one dog is found in the category Nature - Animals - Dogs and also in Outdoor Equipment & Activities - Camping & General. 

Download the YNLC Flashcard Illustrations List of Categories


  • Numbers & Shapes
  • Post Positions (in, behind, etc)
  • Possessives (mine, yours, his)
  • Special Occasions

Indoor Activities & Equipment

  • Clothing
  • Food, Cooking & Eating Indoors
  • Household Objects
  • Indoor Activities
  • Putting On Clothes


  • Body Parts
  • Emotions
  • People


  • Animal Tracks
  • Animals
  • Animals - Dogs
  • Berries
  • Birds
  • Fish
  • Insects & Amphibians
  • Plants & Trees
  • Scenes & Landforms
  • Weather & Sky

Outdoor Activities & Equipment

  • Boating
  • Buildings
  • Camping & General Outdoors
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Walking To (a place)