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Highlights of YNLC Publications

Some highlights of the materials available at YNLC are accessible through the menu at left. Those items contain substantial description. Some other materials are briefly listed on this page. For a complete list of available print and multimedia publications please see the catalogue.

Culture and History

YNLC has published a range of monographs dealing with the culture and history of local First Nations people. Topics include place names, genealogy and traditional stories. Please consult the catalogue for titles and descriptions.

Teaching Aids

These include flash cards, board games, the language teaching curriculum guide, and other materials. Please see the catalogue for more detail.

Place Names

Traditionally livelihood came from the land. Almost every geographic feature was named by the people who worked every day in the natural environment. The places and their names are an essential part of native culture, and of native language. Language research and documentation by the centre involves a lot of attention on place names.

Centre staff members work with the Yukon Geographical Place Names Board to help local First Nations officially name or rename features on their Settlement Lands. The Centre also assists with background research and transcriptions when native language names are proposed as other official toponyms.